WordPress as a Paintbrush: an Intro to Internet Art

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As we venture into the future, we lean on history. The original Internet Artists, or Net Artists, working in the early 1990s, created artworks using the internet. Before the New York Times got online, artists like Mark Amerika, Olia Lialina, and JODI were using the internet as their artistic medium. For them, the internet was a new frontier – novel and unexplored. But, this was before WordPress and before most of us were truly aware of the internet and its capabilities. Last year 2021 was a big moment for WordPress. With the full-site editor providing a true no-code experience to website creators everywhere, more people have the opportunity to create online and actively participate in the internet landscape. Everyone can start an internet company and create internet art.

Rachel Winchester, or Win, graduated from Swarthmore College in 2017 with a bachelors in art history. After creating multiple arts-related websites, she started attending WordPress meetups while teaching herself many digital marketing skills. In 2021, she signed up for Springboard's UX Design bootcamp and began building WordPress websites for clients on a freelance basis. Currently, she works at DigitalCube on their WordPress products, client websites, and other initiatives for DC's users and their communities.

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