About Us

The Philly ‘burbs WP Meetup bridges the gap between designers and developers building WordPress sites and writers, bloggers and marketers who use them on a daily basis.

We focus on both design and development considerations (tips, techniques, and hacks) as well as user concerns like expanded functionality and best practices. The conversation ranges across design, UX, eCommerce, online marketing, development, workflows and more – with an eye towards bringing that knowledge to a WordPress site. Not every talk starts with WordPress, but they connect to it in some way or can be applied to WordPress. (For example, a user-research focused talk doesn’t need to be centered on WordPress, but certainly, user-research can benefit a WordPress site.)

We aim to create an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration, where each side of the conversation can contribute to insightful and engaging conversations.

Based in Chester and Montgomery Counties, PA, the group hops from town to town to allow members to meet dynamic WordPress professionals and more throughout the region. We currently meet in Phoenixville, West Chester, and Zoom.