How to Stay in Business in Uncertain Economic Times, and More

Event Details

As we transition our monthly gatherings to an online environment, we’re working to find the balance between recreating the relaxed atmosphere of an in-person meetup and providing a safe, secure environment to share online.

UPDATED on 11-Apr-2020:
At this point, our plans are for the presenters to air their talks in real time via YouTube Live. This will pretty much be a one-way broadcast on our new (and still being configured) YouTube channel.

We will be hosting the online meetup on Zoom. To reduce the risk of Zoom bombing, we will only share the link for the Zoom call in our Slack channel. We will also use a waiting room in Zoom, so please be sure to add your name to your profile in Zoom. (For safety reasons, we will not allow those we cannot identify to enter the Zoom call.)

Members of our group are invited to join our Slack channel where we be will sharing questions for the presenters, chatting back and forth with each other, and recreating the warm, friendly atmosphere of our in-person events as best as we can.

A Note about Security

By now, we expect most folks will have heard of Zoom bombing. We’re eager to avoid this issue, and that desire is why we’re pursuing the workflow described above. We will be closely monitoring who we allow into our Slack channel. We’re not looking to exclude folks that we don’t know (we love a diverse WordPress community) – yet, we’re serious in our efforts to avoid issues like Zoom bombing. Please understand if we ask you to verify your identity or invite one of our members to vouch for you before we let you into our Slack channel.

Our Presentations

We’ll have three talks: a 15-minute presentation about the three valuable plugins, a 25-minute talk focused on ecommerce, and our main talk will be about surviving as a business in the current economic climate

[7:00] Welcome + Overcoming Technical Hiccups

[7:10] Three Super Simple Plugins Everyone Should Know AboutRussell Aaron

[7:25] Adapting Ecommerce for a Coronavirus EconomyTopher DeRosia

[7:50] How to Stay in Business in Uncertain Economic TimesShannon Shaffer

[8:30] End of Live Stream

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