WordPress and Digital Nomading

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The expansion of fast, reliable internet access has spawned the dawn of the digital nomad. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a digital nomad is someone who performs their occupation entirely over the internet while traveling. Certainly, the WordPress community has its share of digital nomads – folks traveling and working remotely as they capitalize on their WordPress skills to live on the road.

Yet, what does it take to be a digital nomad? Is it possible to progress a career and raise a family while traipsing hither and thither, tied to work only through a WiFi connection? What sort life is that of a digital nomad? Come learn from a WordPress professional who has been on the road for almost two years now.

Alex Standiford has been a digital nomad since 2020. He creates educational courses for WordPress at PressCademy, and has been tinkering with web technologies his entire life. Join us to learn about Alex’s experiences in digital nomading. He will join us remotely (Duh!) to talk about holding down a job/career while living remotely and roaming the country.

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