What I’ve Learned Since Lockdowns Started

Event Details

In a coronavirus economy, we’ve been forced to adapt at alarming rates of speed. We have seen so much change in recent months, that it can be tough to keep up. Yet, we want to take a single evening to note and maybe even celebrate some of the learning that we’ve achieved in the past six months.

Share Something that You’ve Learned

We are looking for volunteers to give a 5-8 minute talk about something that they have learned since COVID-19 lockdown orders first came to Pennsylvania in mid March of this year. We’re excited to learn all sort of stuff about design, development, content, marketing, running a business and more. Some examples for talk ideas include – but are certainly not limited to – the following.

  • A powerful WP-CLI command
  • An easier way to prepare images for inclusion on websites
  • A new plugin to manage a new need on a client website

We’re a Welcoming Community

At the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup, we are committed to creating a warm, welcoming, diverse community that actively supports new and experienced presenters. While we’re focused on WordPress, we are very open to talks on a wide variety of issues.

If you have questions, you can ping @liamdempsey or @burbswp on Twitter. if you’re a member of our group (membership is free), you can connect with Liam on our Slack channel.

The Monday Night Lineup

The presenters for the evening will be as follows, with more added in the coming days.

  • Updating Local WordPress Sites from Production (Bash Scripting)Corey Salzano
  • Zen and the Art of Project Self-ManagementAllie Nimmons
  • The TL;DR on Continuous IntegrationMaura Teal

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