Thoughts from a First Client Site Built Entirely with the Block Editor

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As the Block Editor has grown more powerful and robust, a greater number of people in the WordPress community have turned to the Block Editor, or Gutenberg as it's commonly known.

Over the summer, Kevin Cristiano and the team at Tadpole Collective had a valued client come to them with a pressing need. They needed a new website, with custom graphics and evolving content, online within a little over a month. They also needed a custom newsletter template and a few additional design items.

Given their working relationship, Kevin turned to Liam Dempsey and LBDesign to help deliver the website and graphics. Kevin and Liam explored how best to meet the deadline, keep the project on budget, future-proof the build, create a sharp-looking website, and make the client happy. Over the course of a few conversations, the answer became clear: The Block Editor.

Working closely over a number of weeks, Liam and Kevin designed, produced, and launched a new website that met all the goals. 

Come learn what Liam thought about using the Block Editor, effectively for the first time. Hear where he and Kevin struggled, and what worked blissfully well. This presentation will be a candid share about their first real time down Block Editor Lane for a client website.

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