Thinking Accessibility: Bringing Accessibility into Projects from the Start

Event Details

Web accessibility is a hot topic in web design and development. Yet, by and large, it remains more of an afterthought for most projects. Making sure that new and updated websites look great, load quickly, and work correctly does not always mean that they are accessible to everyone on the internet.

To help us begin to make accessibility a part of our thinking from the start of any project, Mikey Ilagan will share some of his thoughts, experience and expertise on the topic. Mikey is a Product Manager on the Comcast Accessibility Team. He’s spent the past 15 years building digital experiences using a lifetime of passion for technology. Today, he uses a diverse background to work with product teams to ensure Xfinity’s offerings are usable and well-designed for customers using assistive technology.

Monday Night Lineup

We aim to have two lighting talks and one full length presentation.

[7:00] Meeting Opens (and tech hurdles fixed)

[7:05] Welcome + Group News

[7:10] Introductions

[7:15] Tracking Down Mysterious LoginsLiam Dempsey

[7:20] Second Presentation – TBC

[7:25] Accessibility and Web Design/DevelopmentMikey Ilagan

[7:55] Open Q&A/Discussion

[8:30] End of Live Stream

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