The Client Onboarding Conundrum: How Do You Actually Do It?

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Join us for a Pennsylvania-wide WordPress meetup!

Getting a new client project off on the right foot is so often key to a long and valuable working relationship with that client. Yet, as small business owners, freelance designers and developers, marketing consultants, content creators, SEO consultants, and more, it can prove a challenge to systemize how we can onboard new clients. Sure, there are plenty of tools to help, but what are people like us actually using? We invite you to come hear from a panel of folks who have systems that work for them. We expect that no one’s system is perfect, but our panelists all maintain successful businesses or careers in part thanks to their onboarding system.

Meet Our Panelists

Yardell Perkins is the founder and head developer of a web and digital marketing studio called Perkitech. While his team strives to assist individuals and organizations from any reputable walk of life to create or rebuild their digital presences, his entrepreneurial journeys led him into the niche of realtors, real estate investors, and property managers.

Lauren Pittenger is a front end developer and designer. She has experience as a freelancer and in agency settings. She loves systems and processes but also appreciates flexibility when it comes to client services.

Terri Tutich has been working with WordPress since version 2.0 came out, and is passionate about helping people learn how to best use WordPress as a tool to accomplish their goals.

Mark Cunzolo is a middle school science teacher turned web designer. He co-owns Peculiar Pxl, a branding and digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania, and he's been a dedicated Divi Theme Builder user for the past 5 years.

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