Page Builders, the Block Editor, and Moving Between Local, Development, and Production

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In recent years, with the increased use of page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi, and with the launch and advancement of the Block Editor, an increasing amount of page structure, functionality, and design control sit within the WordPress database. The Customizer adds even more to this trend.

Moving Sites when Using Page Builders and the Block Editor

How are WordPress designers, developers, builders, and managers moving their sites between their local, development, and production environments? Moving from local to development, and from development to production for initial launch is often straightforward enough. 

How are folks handing this movement of the site – and the database – after it has been launched? How are they dealing with items like recent form submissions, new pages, or new posts on production, when trying to launch a new section that was built locally and approved on development?

A Community-Led Discussion

Join us for an open-ended and community led conversation about the important topic. Anecdotally, this is a challenge that we hear a lot about in our gatherings and in our Slack channel. Please come and share what is working for you and where you're struggling.

Considering In-Person Gatherings and Monthly Online Meetups

With a notable amount of surveys submitted, there are a significant number of people who want to keep meeting online and a significant number of people who want to meet in person. More than a few folks have suggested that we consider doing both: meet online over Zoom, and additionally, in person at a pub or restaurant. (Thankfully, no one suggested that we try to live stream our in-person events.)

With that in mind, we will spend some time at the end of the meetup discussing how we might organize in-person gatherings in the near future, possibly even this month. We will consider how to do so while continuing to meet online as well.

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