Maintaining and Supporting Multiple WordPress Sites

Event Details

As many of our members are self-taught WordPress professionals, we’re organizing a series of short talks (10-15 minutes) where folks can share the one WordPress thing they wish someone had told them years ago.

We’ll Be on Zoom

We will hosting the online meetup on Zoom. To reduce the risk of Zoom bombing, we will only share the link for the Zoom call in our Slack channel. We will also use a waiting room in Zoom, so please be sure to add your name to your profile in Zoom. For safety reasons, we will not allow those we cannot identify to enter the Zoom call. (Read more about our Zoom call procedures.)

Our Presentations

We aim to have five talks 10 to 15-minute talks including question time.

[7:00] Meeting Opens (and tech hurdles fixed)

[7:05] Welcome + Group News

[7:10] Introductions

[7:15] First Presentation – Matt Lewis

[7:40] Second Presentation – Donna Botti

[8:05] Third Presentation – Austin Ginder

[8:30] Open Q&A/Discussion

[8:45] End of Live Stream

Questions to Consider in Presenting

  1. How many sites do you manage?
  2. What types of support/maintenance do you offer (e.g. WordPress, plugin & theme updates, backups, malware, uptime monitoring, PHP updates)?
  3. What tools, services, saas, and the like do you use to manage sites?
  4. Describe your management workflow.
  5. How much time do you spend managing each site?
  6. How frequently are you performing updates?
  7. On what host(s) are the sites that you manage?
  8. How much of your overall workload is dedicated to maintenance?
  9. How do you handle requests for support (i.e., items beyond updating plugins, themes, etc.)
  10. BONUS: What might the future of maintaining WordPress sites look like?

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