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As the block editor in WordPress matures, it has become an increasingly powerful tool for publishing and editing content. Like with any new flexible, adjustable product, the block editor can be a slightly confusing tool at first. How do I use it? Where do I adjust this setting? What is a block? What blocks can I use? What blocks should I not use? All of these questions and more are par for the course for folks getting their head around the new block editor, commonly referred to as Gutenberg.

For the first gathering of the year, three local Meetups are coming together for an evening we are calling "It's a Gutenberg World." The Lehigh Valley WordPress Meetup, the Philly WordPress Meetup, and the Philly 'burbs WordPress Meetup will gather on a single Zoom call to share recommendations for preferred Gutenberg blocks.

To set the stage for the recommendations we will have a 10-minute overview focused on introducing the new block editor, how it works, and the like.

A Block of 10 Blocks 

Our plan is to have our local community share their recommendations for a combined total of 10 blocks or block libraries – with each recommendation lasting 5 minutes. (We aim to stay on top of time limits.)

We invite anyone to present to this combined meetup, but we certainly encourage folks in the local (and very much wider) Philly area to volunteer to present.

The Scheduled Talks

We will fill in the names and recommendations as we pull them together.

  • An Intro to the Block Editor – TBC
  • Gutenberg SlidesCourtney Engle
  • Kadence Accordion BlockAndy Stitt
  • Media + Text BlockBirgit Pauli-Haack
  • Editors KitKim White
  • Kadence Blocks’ Advanced HeadingAmy Letson
  • Divider and Spacer BlocksLiam Dempsey
  • Recommendation #7 – TBC
  • Recommendation #8 – TBC
  • Recommendation #9 – TBC
  • Recommendation #10 – TBC

Capped by Zoom

Our paid Zoom accounts limit the number of meeting guests to 100. If you want to join us on the night, you will need to be one of the first to RSVP. Don't miss out!

Also, if you RSVP yes, but later realize or find that you are not available, please let us know so that we can welcome a full complement of WordPressers on the night.

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