Getting Meaningful Support: How to Craft Support Tickets that Get Resolved Quickly

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Getting support from theme and plugin developers and companies can be a stressful endeavour. And that process can be even more anxiety-inducing if we are behind schedule on getting that fix implemented or that new build launched.

Practically everyone who designs, builds, or manages WordPress sites has a story of the time that they needed support, but could not get it in a timely way.

Yet we know that plugin and theme devlopers and companies want to provide good support. They want to help us get our site working correctly. They really do want to ensure that we have properly configured their software.

A key to getting meaningful help on our support tickets often comes down to ensuring that we craft our support ticket in the right way. Give the support teams the information and context they need to enable them to give us the answers we need.

Come learn how to build your support ticket such that you can get the help you need in a timely way – and perhaps even resolved after only a single note to the plugin or theme support team.

Liam Dempsey is a design and marketing consultant and has been working with WordPress since 2007. As a non-developer, he relies on the support teams of the themes and plugins he uses to build and maintain client websites. Over the years, he has developed to a keen understanding of how to draft a support ticket that gets resolved quickly.

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