Everything Everywhere All at Once: Managing Everything WordPress in a Constantly Evolving WordPress Environment

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With WordPress changing so fast, balancing everything is proving an increasingly challenging task. New block plugins come online in a steady flow. The block libraries that we are currently using get major updates on a near monthly basis. The influx of new and constantly-updating themes adds to the overwhelm. Web hosts and web hosting packages seem to pop up every week. (We have not even touched on ecommerce or page builders yet!)

Within this environment, we are working to handle support and updates. What we knew how to do last week is no longer the way that block or theme handles that task.

Plugin and theme documentation does not – and cannot – keep up with the pace of updates in the WordPress landscape. Submitting support tickets has become a much more necessary approach as the docs about this plugin or that aspect of theme functionality are almost always outdated.

Admist this ebb and flow, we are trying to support our clients, help them get the most of their sites, manage their own content and stores, and keep their sites functioning smoothly.

It's a lot. A lot, a lot.

Join us in person for a structured conversation about how we are approaching these challenges as WordPress professionals. This will be a table-based evening: no presentations or slides. We invite you to come prepared to share in what we hope will be a robust and engaging learning opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Everything Everywhere All at Once: Managing Everything WordPress in a Constantly Evolving WordPress Environment”

  1. Wish I could attend this evening. I hope there will be some notes taken or shared because this is an important subject. I have a situation relegating me to remain home this evening, highly unusual but it is as it is. Great subject too as this is increasingly on my mind these days. Too much change too quickly yet it’s essential to remain secure and up-to-date.

      1. That is correct. And as such I may be able to make this evenings meeting! Interesting as I realized this when I saw Liam’s slack notification this morning and realized the same thing had happened where I shared that someone had the wrong date last month. Odd? Anyway, I will try to get there this evening.

  2. Glad I made the trip to Phoenixville. Was very open and informative about the serious issues that challenge a host like myself on WordPress. Ugh, the constant updates and trying to manage them!

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