Building Modern WordPress Plugins With Plugin Machine

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Today's WordPress plugin developers have a ton of great tools available for them for modern PHP and JavaScript development. We can make use of various tools including dependency management, automated testing, React and more to improve our code quality, development workflow and most importantly: the end user experience. Automated testing, along with code quality tools help us maintain our plugins and avoid bugs.

In this talk, Josh Pollock will show is a demo of Plugin Machine, a new app he is building that helps people create plugins and add features to them. Come see how to create a new plugin, with as little or as many of the tools you need. Josh will also demonstrate how to use these tools for plugin development, and how to use Plugin Machine to add new features to your plugins while you develop.

About Josh Pollock

Josh is a PHP and JavaScript developer from Pittsburgh, PA. Today, he is a freelance developer and creator of Plugin Machine, a tool for creating WordPress plugins. Previously, he was the lead developer of the plugin Caldera Forms and co-founder of CalderaWP, which was acquired in 2019 by Saturday Drive. He's also worked at 10up and the Pods Framework.

Josh is a total dog person and super nerd for ecology, crypto, caffeine, music, sci-fi and going on long walks. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Alicia and his dog Macy.

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