Building a Wine-Rating Website with a No-Code Approach

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One to enjoy the finer points of craft beer, Liam Dempsey has enjoyed using and found real value in the beer-rating app, Untappd. Yet when he tried to learn more about wine, Liam could not find a similarly good ratings app for wines. After a number of false-starts and half-hearted efforts, Liam is now committed to building a wine-rating WordPress website.

Very much a designer and marketing consultant, Liam wanted to follow a "no code" approach to build this site. He is open to utilizing both free and premium plugins, hoping to stick to plugins for which he already has developer licenses where possible. He has discovered this is not likely to be entirely possible, but cost is a real consideration for this project.

To be clear, Liam has no immediate interest in turning his wine-rating WordPress website into a product. Rather, he is after a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly way to explore wine and better understand and appreciate its beaufty and taste. The site is still a work-in-progress, but it does work with Liam as the sole user on the site.

Over the course of 35-45 minutes, Liam will walk us through his functionality considerations, build tools, build wins, and outstanding challenges. His presentation will include details on how he is using the Kadence Pro theme, Kadence Pro Blocks, Gravity Forms, Gravity Wiz, Advanced Custom Fields, CPT UI, and a few more plugins. 

If you are interested in learning about what Liam is up to, and perhaps evening sharing your ideas on how Liam could address his remaining build hurdles, then be sure to join us for this in-person gathering.

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  1. This sounds like a great subject. Guessing I may learn a little something about CPT (Custom Post Types) and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)? Not having reviewed this with Liam those may or may not be part of the solution. Either way, consider me “quite interested” in this subject matter and eager to see y’all.

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