Building a Site with the Block Editor

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As the WordPress Block Editor has developed into a powerful tool for creating page layouts, a growing number of people have begun to consider using it for their website projects. Yet, they may not know how to use the Block Editor, or Gutenberg as its commonly called. How hard is it to use the Block Editor? What layouts can the Block Editor create? 

To demonstrate how to create sites with the Block Editor, WordPress teacher, developer, and content creator, Joe Casabona, will build a small website using the Kadence theme and Kadence blocks – the free version of both. During the meetup, Joe will build out as much of the site as he can in an hour's time.

In advance of the meetup, Liam Dempsey will produce a design and deliver to Joe all the assets he needs to build the pages. Joe will have all the images, copy, colors, and designs prepped and ready to go for him.

Please join us to watch and follow along as an advanced WordPress user – Joe – creates a WordPress website using one of the more popular and powerful theme/block combinations.

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