December 2019: The 12 Tips of WordPress

With the holiday season upon us, we tried something different. We’ll take a cue from a well known holiday song and turned it into the theme for our gathering: The 12 Tips of WordPress.

We had 12 lightning talks from 12 different presenters. Each talk was only 5 minutes:

Talk 1: Design Your Store with WooCommerce Blocks

Presenter Jeremy Pry | @jpry

  • Things have improved with “Wootenberg” Block Editor
    • Protip: /all in the block editor search lists everything
    • Protip 2: /filter list all filter block
  • easy to change columns, add row, edit within in block
  • Can edit all types of that item or just that specific item
  • You can have a single featured product like a landing page

Talk 2: Spacer, Separator, Social Media: 3 Gutenberg Blocks I Can’t Live Without

Laura Byrne-Cristiano | @NewYorkerLaura

  • Spacer: great for staff pages
  • Separator: “white space” that isn’t white space
  • Social Media: Embed it in the content and you can now caption it
  • Slides

Talk 3: Responsive Tables with TablePress

John Davey | @jadesq

  • Tables when they get down to cell phone size start to wrap text and becomes unreadable
  • TablePress solution allows:
    • Scroll mode to lengthen back and forth
    • Flip mode puts headings on left and table on right
    • Stack: stacks table on eon top of each other
    • Collapse: has a button to display more
    • Slides

Talk 4: CSS Sprites

Jon Ericson | @jon_e

  • Downloading images: combines image download into one request rather than many requests
  • Save time and bandwidth
  • Need HTTP2

Talk 6: Lazy Loading of Images

Donna Botti | @DonnaBotti

  • Defers non-critical resources until the moment they are needed, ie loads images as you scroll to them
  • Important because Google defines speed as a critical item when it comes to your page ranking
  • Formerly done with javascript, CSS, or plugins. Visible if the item is in the view port
  • New way, browsers are supporting. Add attribute loading=”lazy”
  • Slides

Talk 7: Dipping into WP-CLI

Liam Dempsey | @liamdempsey

  • Can make changes to your site either locally or on a live site
  • Super fast
  • Can do multiple steps at one time
  • Bulk add remove plugins
  • Bulk change settings
  • Bulk remove plugins
  • And more

Talk 8: Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Frank Olivo | @francoolivo

Talk 9: Destination Already Exists? Not a Problem!

Matt Ryan | @MattRyan_co

  • Can’t update a plugin when it’s already there but corrupted
  • Easy Theme and Upgrades plugin lets you overwrite a plugin that is malfunctioning without deleting it
  • It will pick up upon the settings you formerly had
  • It will backup your plugin to your media library
  • Slides

Talk 10: Adding Styles to Gutenberg Blocks

Paul Barthmaier | @_pbrocks

  • Delivering Style with Block Filters
  • Can add some javascript for some inline styling within blocks
  • Slides

Talk 11: Crash Course on Static WordPress

Daniel Olson | @emaildano

  • Static WordPress is pre-rendered as HTML
  • It’s not a caching plugin
  • Great option for brochure sites , high traffic pages, Agency pages
  • Shifter is an option that does this
  • Slides

Talk 12: Centering Things with CSS

Ashley Pfeil | @pfeilal23

  • DON’T use a HTML table
  • Can be used with horizontal or vertical centering
  • Can be done inline or on blocks
  • Flexbox is a good solution so is Grid
  • Slides

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