Knowledge Exchange Program

Within the Philly ‘burbs WordPress meetup, we’re committed to sharing information and professional knowledge and experience. To further that goal when we’re not at our monthly gatherings, we have a Knowledge Exchange Program. All members of our meetup are welcome to take part in this program.

How It Works

In a nutshell, it’s a “give a little, take a little” program. Here’s a basic overview.

  1. Anyone in the meetup can offer to make themselves available for 30 minutes of conversation per month outside of the meetup.
  2. Anyone offering their time can select topics about which they are willing or best suited for sharing.
  3. Once a person has given 30 minutes of time in a particular calendar month, no one else can request their time.
  4. See the FAQ below for more involved details.

Getting Involved

Simply put: add your details to the Google Sheet.

Access the KEP Sign-Up Sheet

Need More Info or Have Questions?

This Knowledge Exchange Program was worked up by Joe Casabona and Liam Dempsey. Joe has kindly offered to serve as the lead for our meetup, so please direct questions to him.


What sort of questions can I ask about? Honestly, anything which an individual indicates they are willing to discuss. It could be WordPress, CSS, javascript, proposal writing, freelance best practices or more.

Is this like a free consulting service? No. Please don’t ask someone to write code or design something for you. Rather explain the technical issue you’re facing, share what steps you’ve taken (and why they didn’t work) and ask for guidance about where you’re going wrong.

Why are you doing this? To enable those without a network within our community to grow one. To enable those with knowledge to share it with those who want it. To grow community in a spirit of giving.

Where will these meetings take place? Totally up to you! They can be online or at a physical location of your choice. That’s worked out between you and person requesting your time.

Uh, there’s no contact info in the Google Sheet? True story! For simplicity’s sake we made this public so anyone can modify it. Joe will monitor the sheet to keep it in working order. Please use Slack to get in touch with the person whose time you want to request.